Missy Theory

My person theory on Missy is that she’s been sent by Missy (unaware of course) to “train” The Doctor to become a perfect soldier. C’mon, Missy must be building an army. All of those Cybermen just for show? No. Anyway, I think that Missy “chose” her to train him in TBOSJ when she gave Clara the number of the TARDIS. Come on, Clara does act really bossy towards The Doctor, is a bit of a control freak and isn’t afraid to “have a go” at The Doctor or hit him. The traits of a Seargent. Also, the fact that there’s an ongoing theme of whether The Doctor is a “good man” or not.

Remember when Clara says: “Waste no more time arguing about what a good man should be”?

Clara is trying to turn the Doctor into a Good Man.

There’s also the fact of there being a GATE in the Nethersphere, which Missy is the keeper of. The gate must be a gateway somewhere. I think it’s a gateway to Gallifrey, and that Missy is building up an army to fight The Time Lords. With The Doctor against them.


1. Deep Breath
2. Into the Dalek (they actually do!)
3. Robots of Sherwood
4. Listen
5. Time Heist

Episode 1 is great. It starts off with a dinosaur that vomits the TARDIS. A shop that kills people with creepy Victorian droids. Ends of a cliff hanger that involes the keeper of the nethersphere. Oh yeah, Clara dies again. Joke!

Episode 2 is as equally exciting. Involves Daleks, a spaceship and the Doctor and Clara going into the Dalek. No Davros im afaid.

Epispde 3 is meh. Its ok I guess. The Knights are robots, evil Sherrif, TROA opening. Average.

Episode 4 is brilliante. A creepy creature thats always with you when you talk to yourself. A young doctor and a young danny pink, whose name was rupert. Also, the moment shed is featured.

Episode 5 is alright for stephen thompson. Memory worms etc.